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Saluda River Tree House. A very nice two story construction with a post-modern touch. The man who lived in the house designed and built it himself. The lower deck is a great place for overlooking the beautiful area and the river. What is more, this tree house even used to have power and water, so the owner could take a shower or cook meal in the kitchen/dining room. 

   ”Country Seat” in the Lake District (Cumbria, England) Isn’t this a serendipitous place for a bench? It will be 36 C/ 95 F today and (as always) soul-swamping, oppressively muggy and I would do morally reprehensible things for a ticket to the Lake District. (AndyC_pics flickr)

Barn owl at rest by  AngiNelson

green love

Liminal Pathway (Other side of Tír na nÓg) (7)

©buron - September ‘14

(via Pin by Bonnie Anne Pinard on Autumn/Early Winter | Pinterest)
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